Greetings. I am the owner, chief writer, and creative genius behind London Writes, and I create all sorts of written work, from marketing content to corporate communications to feature articles to creative fiction. I am passionate about playing with words to design unique, enjoyable, meaningful content that engages and excites the reader.

A Maryland native and current resident of North Carolina, I graduated with a journalism degree from Radford University in 1992 after a brief stint as an art major, when I realized I was more skilled at creating images through words than through drawing. I haven’t stopped since.

My approach begins with a heavy dose of conversation (I love learning about new people and new things) and ends with a creative work that both informs and evokes feelings in the reader. And although I write about many things, I am particularly interested in topics centered around travel, education, the environment, and the ocean.

I look forward to assisting you in with your next project – contact me if you’d like to learn more.